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Representation office LA OCA

Russian representation office of Spanish manufacturer of La
Oca cleaning products
The company manufactures La Oca cleaning products and
detergents since 1889. During this 122 years of history the
company developed the image of the manufacturer of high
quality and safe products. La Oca cleaning products and
detergents don't contain phosphates, chroribe and other
dangerous ingredients. The brand is now being sold in some
17 countries. All products, including liquid detergents, fabric
conditioners, dishwashing detergents, anti-grease products,
stain removers, are made in Spain. Such natural ingredients
as Marceille soaps based on olive oil, aloe extract and others
are used in production

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Company contact information
Country: RUSSIA
City: Moscow
Address: ul. Stakhanovskaya, 6
Phone: + 7 (495) 9719259
Mobile phone: + 7 (926) 204-93-54
Fax: + 7 (495) 971-92-59
URL address: http://www.laoca.ru
Contact person: Sergey Petrov
Position: Manager

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